Ethical Junction

Ethical Junction Ltd, is a UK based Compliance and Ethics consultancy with a real passion for helping Companies take their best steps to protect their business integrity and create commercial value through Compliance & Ethics Excellence. We recognise for businesses to excel in today’s world they must be adaptable to change, whilst being agile enough to assure a competitive edge. It is through your navigation of change you will face your Ethical Junctions, the business intersections where you should reflect on what steps are necessary to assure your business integrity remains intact as your business evolves.

Consultancy Services

Ethical Junction specialise in providing consultancy service to businesses on:

  • UK Bribery Act
  • US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  • Codes of Ethics
  • Third party management and Due Diligence
  • Healthcare Compliance
  • Data Privacy and Compliance programme design and implementation
  • Board level consultancy services
  • Non-Executive Director services

Compliance Frameworks

Ethical Junction has extensive experience in designing and implementing strategic Compliance Frameworks that meet the requirements and standards expected by the authorities responsible for enforcing the UK Bribery Act and the FCPA.

Policy Design and Training

Ethical Junction have extensive experience in developing, enhancing, and rolling out Compliance policies at country, cluster, regional and global levels. It can also provide communication tools and materials to assure training is provided to support the introduction of policies.

The Compliance and Ethics Partner of Choice:

At Ethical Junction we partner with you to understand your business, the people, its aims, goals, and objectives that make up your culture. We feel it is important because your Compliance Programme should fit your business like a glove to a hand; fit well, keep you safe and warm whilst protecting you at the same time. That is why we believe getting to know you and understand what makes you tick is vital; especially when it comes to business culture and conduct. It is only through this understanding we pride ourselves on providing the best possible consultancy and services to support your Commercial Compliance Excellence in a tailored fashion.

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